• Lets talk Tote Bags!!
    These are the “Tote Bags” that we use in prek at Broadmoore. Backpacks are not allowed. I am not at all picky about the color or how you choose to design it. However, it needs to be around 13.5 x 13.5 inches and NO zippers. Those are the PERFECT size to hold a folder without it hanging out of the top or falling over inside and dumping out.  Anything bigger just becomes hard for the kids to manage independently and won’t hang on our bag hooks. These totes come back and forth daily to school and help us streamline when loading up 20+ 4 year olds to go home. Less is more in this case!
    *The only thing they bring back and forth is the tote, a folder, and eventually a library book.
    **We do not use waterbottles in prek-they are too messy. (We do use 3-5oz disposable dixie cups for drinks.)