Parent Academy
  • CREATING A Culture and Climate of Possibilities

    The Parent Academy offers free workshops relating to topics of interest to parents of teens.  The purpose is to:

                                    1. Encourage Parent Involvement:  Parents are a child’s first teacher. You have diverse and meaningful roles that help your child advance towards success.

                                    2. Fostering Communication: When schools and families work together in a collaborative direction towards student success, students succeed.  Information is shared regarding student progress, school goals, testing, and resources available and related activities on campus that can support success.

                                    3. Partnering for Student Success: The goals include having high expectations for all. Parents are encouraged to become active partners in their child’s academic career.

                                    4. Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere: One of the goals is to create a safe, positive climate that includes the commitment of the school community to help grow students who become productive citizens.

                                    5. Collaborating Effectively: School fosters collaborations with organizations in an effort to create a vibrant environment of learning that is student-centered. Stakeholders from the community will be utilized when necessary and included in monthly meetings. By partnering with outside agencies and individuals, students gain a different perspective, parents and community members collaborate for the success of the student body, and members of the community have the opportunity to gain students for job shadowing, employment, etc.

  • Parent Academy Workshops can help you:

    • Get the most out of Parent/Teacher Conferences.
    • Help you understand current areas of education, teen life, data, etc. relating to your student's success.
    • Help you learn more about technology, internet safety, social media abuse, etc.
    • Identify resources to help your student's learning and social development

    TEAM= Together Everyone Achieves Moore

    When parents and schools work TOGETHER, students have greater success! We are a TEAM!

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