• Paraprofessional Recertification Information
    For Current Employees Only

    As a current paraprofessional with MPS, you are required to submit a recertification packet every year.

    How to send in your recertification paperwork:
    Send by: January 15th
    Send how: Through interschool mail
    Send to: Dawn Simpson @ ASC Special Services  

    Your recertification packet must include the following:
        -GCN training transcript showing completion of all required and optional trainings that are available to you
          -GCN training may be accessed at site.gcntraining.com. Our Organization ID is 192353m.
           (GCN training information is sent out annually by April Nordstrom. If you need help with signing into GCN or accessing GCN trainings, please contact April at 735-4284.)
        -Current CPR Card

    If you have any questions or issues with para recertification, please email Dawn Simpson at dawnsimpson@mooreschools.com


    Below you will find example images of the forms you will need to submit. No checklist is required. Note, CPR card appearance may vary.