How to do Referrals for Special Education...

    The referral folders/procedures will be the same at all MPS schools once the process begins. However, how our teachers get the folders is up to each individual building.  Below you will find a list of forms. All of these forms are already on EdPlan within the student documents. Each school psychologist has a packet. There are a few things to know:

    1.  There is a pre-referral packet within every referral process that general education teachers must complete prior to the school psychologist becoming involved.

    2.  There are a few steps that the special education teacher will be responsible for prior to handing the folder over to the school psychologist for referral.

    3.  The school psychologist will not get consent until she has all the required components/forms from parents and teachers.

    As for referrals for Specific Learning Disability, the same process applies as with any other referral, with the exception of:
    When the student enters Tier 3 (previous attempts at RTI have been unsuccessful or minimally successful) then the general education educator, the special education teacher, reading specialist, and school psychologist must meet together as a TEAM.  At that meeting, the school psychologist must lead the team to determine the following:  the specific skill deficit, the goal, the intervention to use, the frequency, and the progress monitoring tool to use.  You can choose to meet earlier with your school psychologist to make these determinations if any of the team deems this is necessary.

    4.  The data must be documented on the RTI intervention form.

    This process was put into place in an attempt to ensure that everyone involved in the education of that student agrees on the interventions and goals prior to them beginning Tier 3; so, that if it does become a referral to special education, the school psychologist has already been involved and has all that is required for the referral to proceed.  If you have any questions about this process or the referral folders, please speak to your school psychologist, or call Special Services.  

    Referral Folder Procedures Checklist
    Initial Eligibility/Referral Checklist
    Classroom Accommodations Made before Referral
    Case History: To be filled in by Parent 
    Medical Report 
    Current Information Form
    Vision/Hearing screening form
    Staffing Plan