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      Some Answers to Parent's

    Speech Concerns

    Many parents have questions about their child's speech and language.  They want to know if it is "normal" when compared to others. The information below is based on the accepted norms for speech and language development. Each child is a unique individual and their development may vary.  



    The website below is designed and maintained by the National Institute of Deafness and other Communication Disorders. It provides you with interactive checklists pertaining to developmental milestones. The checklist is found at the bottom of this page. http://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/voice/speechandlanguage.asp




    This website is very helpful in explaining the speech and language develpment of children up to the age of five. Click on the link below. Then, click on the age group for the norms and suggestions to help your child.



      Articulation refers to how your child produces speech sounds.  Use the chart below as a general guideline for sound acquisition (articulation). The speech sounds are listed in the order that most children acquire them. The first column lists the age. The second column lists the sounds mastered at that particular age. The third column provides you with a list of words containing the mastered sounds. If your child cannot produce the sounds listed for his/her age or younger, please contact me at teresahumphrey@mooreschools.com. Please include your child's age and a list of the sounds which are of concern.


    Child's age (in years)

    Mastered Sounds



    p, m, h, n, w

    pie, puppy, ape

    my, mommy, am


    Knee, bunny, an




    b, k, g, d, f, y

    bow, Bobby, Bob

    key, baking, bake

    guy, piggy, pig

    dough, hiding, hide

    fin, laughing, laugh




    Lee, Holly, ball


    t, ng,

    to, batting, bat



    ch, sh, j (dg), th

    chime, touching, touch

    shine, fishing, fish

    junk, fudge

    thumb, nothing, bath, brother


    r, s, z, v

    rabbit, earring, ear

    say, hissing, hiss

    Zack, fizzing, fizz

    van, having, have