For Parents: Getting Ready for Kindergarten

    What will the teacher expect my child to be able to do?
    1.  A child entering kindergarten is usually able to walk, run, and climb.     
    2. She/He should be able to hold and use a pencil, crayons, and scissors.
    3.  She/He should talk well enough for others to understand what she/he is saying and know that words can be written as well as spoken. 
    4. Help her/him see and hear how objects and sounds may be alike or different. 


    What group skills does my child need?


    1.    Get along well with others.
    2.       Listen to a story in a group.
    3.       Follow school and classroom rules.
    4.        Remember and carry out two or three directions.
    5.       Take turns, respect others’ property, and share.
    6.        Take care of her/his own things, such as her/his coat.
    7.        Go to the toilet and wash her/his hands.
    8.         Finish her/his work assigned.



    What kinds of knowledge and experience help prepare my child?

    1.       Help her/him learn about the world around them.
    2.    Take her/him on interesting trips—to the library, grocery store,  bus ride, museum, or park.
    3.    Talk with her/him about what she/he sees.
    4.    Encourage curiosity and help her/him find answers to their questions.
    5.      Teach her/him the names of colors and shapes.
    6.       Make sure she/he knows her/his full name and how to get to school and back.