backpack full of food

    Can you imagine having nothing to eat from lunch Friday to breakfast Monday morning? Yet many children in Moore Public Schools have little or nothing to eat on weekends. 
    The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma offers the “Food 4 Kids” program which consists of a backpack of nonperishable, nutritious, kid-friendly food.  Once an elementary school applies and is accepted in the program and the funding is available, the process is simple.  Teachers, counselors and school staff use a list of criteria to identify chronically hungry children.  The child is then given a backpack of food on Friday and returns the empty backpack to the school on Monday morning.  The food items are intended to provide sustenance – not three meals a day 
    This spring, the Food 4 Kids MPS committee was formed and has been piloted in four MPS elementary schools.  One parent of a participating student stated: “I am so happy that my family is able to participate in this program.  I am a single mom and it is a comfort to know my children will have a little help with supplemental food items.  Thank you very much to the caring individuals who have made this program available to children.”

    If you would like to learn more about this program and ways that you can help, please go to  If you have any questions or comments, you can email
    A hungry child cannot learn.  Helping children be prepared to learn is an investment in a child and in our community