•  MOORE PUBLIC SCHOOLS maintains a 403B and a 457 Plan for the benefit of its employees.  Participation in these plans is voluntary and is 100% funded by the employee.
    In 2007, the Internal Revenue Service issued regulations relating to the operation of the plans. These regulations became effective January 1, 2009, and require that the employer assume more responsibility over the administration of the plan. Because of these requirements, we have taken steps to ensure that the plan is operated in compliance with Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code. To assist with the ongoing administration, the District has contracted with AFPlanServ to provide administrative services.
    Current 403b Providers in our Plan
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    457 Investment Plan
    GWN Marketing Third Party Administrator (TPA)
    Contact Phone: (405)740-4457 or toll free 1-877-266-2788
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    Employees/former employees seeking to move any 403B investments from the plan, will need to contact AFPlanServ.  They are authorized to process these transactions and complete all provider documents on our behalf as the Employer.