Counselor's Message



    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Lori McDonald and I am the School Counselor. I am so happy to be at Wayland Bonds and part of such a wonderful school and community! As the school counselor, my goal is to help develop and implement a comprehensive guidance program. I am dedicated to serving students, parents, and teachers. My desire is to help empower students with self-knowledge, positive interpersonal skills, and coping strategies for issues that typical elementary students face.  My objective is to assist you in helping your child be successful academically, emotionally, and socially. To help meet that goal, the following counseling services are available:

    ~Classroom guidance lessons~

    ~Assistance in crisis situations~

    ~Work in partnership with other school professionals to help students achieve success~

    ~Act as a consultant and referral source between school, parents, and community~

    ~Help in the process of admitting and orientating new students to Wayland Bonds~

    ~Testing Information/Interpretation~

    ~Small Group and Individual Guidance~

    Mrs. McDonald

    You may contact me at 735-4500
    or email me.
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