• Learn
    Things to Practice at Home
    Safety and Security:
    Child needs to be able to:
    • state first, middle, and last name
    • state birthday (month/day/year) and age
    • state address (house number, street, city, and state)
    • state first and last name of parent/guardian
    Motor Skills:
    • use finger pinch grasp 
    • trace lines with control
    • cut on a line
    • use correct scissor grasp (Make it fun- Cut out coupons from the newspaper.)

    Oral Language- (Listening and Speaking):                                                                                                        
    Talk to your child a lot, every day.  Building a strong vocabulary will help in reading and comprehension.            
    •  listen without interrupting
    •  express ideas in complete sentences 
    •  follow oral directions
    •  recite simple poems, rhymes, or songs
    •  partcipate in conversations 
     Pre-Reading Skills:
    •  recognize first name in print
    •  recognize spoken words that rhyme
    •  clap syllables in spoken words
    •  recognize beginning sounds in spoken words
    •  retell more than one major event in a story
    •  identify characters in a story
    •  recognize and name letters of the alphabet and their sounds in random order (upper and lower case)
    Developmental Writing:
    •  differentiate between letters and words
    •  use letter-like forms for writing
    •  print first name using correct form (first letter capital, others lower case)
    •  write from left to right 
    •  form identifiable letters 
    •  copy letters or words
    • identify and name basic colors
    • sort and group objects into a set
    • continue/create a simple pattern
    • identify and name basic geometric shapes
    • count objects to 10 using one-to-one correspondence
      count orally to 20 
    • recognize and name numerals 0-10
    • match numerals to quantities 0-10