Santa Fe Elementary
    Student Creed


     We are the Santa Fe Raiders.
    We are bright children.
    We have great expectations
    for today and everyday.
    We are responsible students.
    We stand up for our convictions.
    We can learn.
    We are loved.
    We will succeed.
    We are Santa Fe Raiders.
    Santa Fe
    Santa Fe
    Yea, Santa Fe


    Santa Fe School Song


    Verse 1

    Here at Santa Fe Elementary school,
    The teachers are all awesome
    And the kids are cool;
    We enjoy learning each and every day
    And when you see us comin'
    You can hear us say:


    We are Santa Fe Raiders! (Santa Fe Raiders)
    We all stand up proud and tall.
    We are Santa Fe Raiders! (Santa Fe Raiders)
    School is great, and we can't wait
    To go out and give our all!

    Verse 2

    Come a little closer and we'll tell you again!
    When you're at Santa Fe you will always win
    By settin'  your mind and settin' your heart

    To do your best right from the start!

    Sing chorus again