• Mrs. Morton's


    Procedure Book


    Please review the following rules with your child.  I appreciate your help and support in working on these rules and procedures with your child.  This will help make our classroom run more smoothly and be a fun place to learn!!!!


    Entering and Exiting the Room:

    When you enter or exit the room, there are specific walk ways you should use.  They are discussed, several times, throughout the week and are intended to prevent confusion through fire drills, etc.  You are to enter and exit the classroom using your walking feet through the outside door ONLY!!!  Remember to be sure to try your best at using your inside voices while inside the classroom.

    After you enter the classroom, you are to check your backpack for any notes, then hang up your backpack quickly and go sit in your seat.


    Notes from Home:

    You will need to become responsible of cleaning out your backpack.  I realize this will take time and lots of practice; therefore I will be very helpful and patient.


    Table Time:

    You will sit on your bottoms in your chair at all times.



    As you enter the room you will find your name card, it will have your picture and name on it until after Christmas.    Put your card in a pocket on the chart.  You will be starting this next week, hopefully.



    Quieting the Class or Getting Children’s Attention:

    Mrs. Morton says, “Give Me Five.”  I will hold my hand up count to five.  This lets you know that you are to stop what you are doing, look at me and listen for my instruction. 



    Circle Time:

    You need to listen until your table in called.  You sit “criss-cross applesauce” and hands in lap. 
    • We say: "Criss-Cross applesauce, pockets on the floor.  Hands in our laps, and talk no more!" 

    You stay in one spot, therefore not moving around the classroom.  I will say, “Eyes and Ears on me please.”  You will call back, “Eyes and Ears on You!!!”  That is your way of showing and telling me that you are ready to begin. Your mouths are quiet while you are watching and listening.  You raise or wave your hand and wait to be called on to speak and only one person at a time may talk.


    Going to the Restroom:

    When you need to go to the restroom, you will need to raise your hand and ask a teacher.  If it is an emergency you may start walking to the restroom but you MUST be sure and let us know.  If someone else is in the restroom you will quietly wait your turn.  You need to get in there do your business, flush the toilet, wash your hands and get out.  You must wash your hands with soap and water while counting to ten. You will pull down one paper towel, dry your hands and throw your trash away in the trash can before entering back inside the classroom.


    Getting a Drink:

    When you need a drink, you will need to raise your hand and ask a teacher.  The only time you CAN NOT get a drink is during Circle Time because it is interfering with our learning.  Your water bottle will be on the toy cabinet by the door, if you have one.  If not you may use the water fountain.  You need to push down the button and count to 5.  You then MUST step down and exit.


    Lining Up:

    You need to be listening and quietly waiting for Mrs. Morton to call your table color.  You are to use your walking feet only!!! Be sure you don’t forget to push in your chair.  Your feet should be on the red line, eyes on the door, hands on your hips and your mouth should be quiet. 
    • We say: "Foot on the line, eyes on the door.  Hands to your side and talk no more."
    When we are ready to go you will show Mrs. Morton and say:

    “I reach up high, I reach down low.  Hands on my hips, I’m ready to go.”

    We line up hips and lips in single file.  That means one right behind the other.  One hand will be on your lips and one hand will be on your hip.


    Blowing Your Nose:

    You either need to ask for a tissue or you need to get a tissue from the box.  There are several throughout the classroom that are on your level so you can reach them.  Put the tissue over your nose and blow.  Throw the tissue in the trash can and please go WASH YOUR HANDS!!!



    Only one person is allowed at a time on each computer.  You must sit on your bottom the right way in your seat.  You will use the mouse, moving it around gently and clicking with one finger ONLY!  When you are using the keyboard, use it GENTLY!!!  NO POUNDING!!!  If you do not know what to do you should raise your hand and ask for help from your teacher.  You are to NEVER turn off the computer or touch the screen.


    Snack Time:

    You will have 15 minutes each day for snack.  Your parents will receive a snack calendar that will inform them when it is your turn to bring a snack.  Possible snack choices may be crackers such as Ritz or Goldfish, graham crackers, alphabet cookies, raisins, pretzels, cereals such as Cheerios and Alphabits, and dried fruit.  Please let me know if you have any allergies or a special diet!!!

    You sit in your seat.  Mrs. Morton will give you a baby wipe to clean your hands first and then you wipe your spot ONLY!!!  Mrs. Morton will turn on the Scrub-A-Dub Song.  When the music stops you will throw your wipe away and sit down.  Mrs. Morton will know you are ready if you are laying your head down on the table and your mouth is off.  If you brought the snack, you will pass out the napkins while Mrs. Morton will pass out the snack.  Remember you will use good manners saying, “Please, thank you and no thank you.”  Everyone will be eating the same snack.  You may bring your water bottle to the table if you want or you may go to the water fountain.

    When you are finished you throw your napkin and any leftover snack away.  If you make a mess, bring the trash can to your table and clean it up.  You will need to go get your backpack, zip it up and put it in your chair. Remember to push in your chair.


    Clean Up:

    When it is clean up time you will hear the clean up song.  You are to start cleaning up your area.  When you are done it would be nice if you would help your friends clean up too.  Everything has a special place in the classroom.  When everything is put away you are to use your walking feet and go to your table and wait quietly with your hands in your lap. 



    You will be going out for recess every day unless it is raining or extremely cold.  Please keep this in mind when you are selecting clothing for the day.   You will listen for your table and then line up hips and lips, eyes on the door.  Follow the leader to the corner and STOP!!!  Keep walking in line until you get to the curb, STOP at the red dot, look both ways for cars until you have permission to cross the street.  You can ONLY cross the street with an adult!!!   Once you get to the playground you may run and play! 

    When Mrs. Morton blows her whistles 2 times, stop right then and go line up.  You will sit on the cross ties.  You wait until Mrs. Morton says, “Stand Up.”  Then you will show her you are ready by… “I reach up high, I reach down low.  Hands on my hips, I’m ready to go.  You will follow the leader across the street using your walking feet ONLY to our classroom.


    ·        Sliding:

    You climb up the stairs, sit down on your bottom with your feet in front.  Slide down and get off the slide and out of the way of others.  You are not allowed to sit at the top of the slide or jump off.  You are not allowed to have any rocks on the slide!!!


    ·        Swinging:

    You sit on your bottom, feet in the front.  You may not be in the swing area if you are not swinging.  Someone might accidentally kick you with their feet.


    ·        Monkey Bars:

    Only one person at a time on the monkey bars.  Wait until the first person gets off before you get on.  Remember to ALWAYS hold on to the monkey bars with BOTH HANDS!!! No jumping off!!!


    ·        Rocks:

    There are rocks on the playground.  They must stay on the ground.  They are there for safety.  You are not allowed to pick up the rocks, throw them or kick them!!!


    Fire Drill:

    You will hear a bell ringing.  It will be very loud, so do not be scared!  It will be short sounding rings.  You will use ONLY your walking feet to line up at the back door, quietly and calmly.  The class will walk in a line across the street into the parking lot.  You will sit on the pavement in one straight line.  Mrs. Morton will call your name and you will say “HERE!”  Mrs. Morton will send the leader of the day to go tell Mrs. Uhles we are all here.  When Mrs. Uhles says “All Clear” we will use our walking feet back to our classroom.  There will be a practice monthly.


    Storm Drill:

    You will hear a bell ring.  It will be very loud, do not be scared!  Be calm and quiet.  It will sound like one looong ring!  You will use ONLY your walking feet and walk to the word wall and sit down.  We will sit facing the wall, criss-cross applesauce.  You will lace your hands together and put them behind your necks.  Next you will put your heads down, hands still on your necks and wait until Mrs. Uhles says “All Clear.”  There will be several practices throughout the year.


    Going Home:

    You will put your backpack on your back and push your chair in.  You will line up using your walking feet when asked to.  You will line up with your feet on the line, eyes on the door, hands on your hips and mouths quiet.  We will say “I reach up high, I reach down low.  Hands on my hips, I’m ready to go!”  You will follow the leader out the door.  You will walk all the way to the second red rectangle and sit down.  You will sit criss-cross applesauce.  You will listen for your name to be called.  You will hold Mrs. Morton's hand and she will walk you out to your car.  Don’t let go.  I will open the door, put you in the car and you can buckle up.  If your parent is waiting for you on the sidewalk, you will still sit down on the red line and I will call your name to walk you to your parent.  REMEMBER NO RUNNING OFF and WATCH FOR CARS!!!      


    Early Dismissal:

    You must be signed out by a parent in the office.  In addition, students must be called for from the office to be dismissed.  Please send a note if you know in advance that your child will be leaving early so that Mrs. Morton can have you ready for dismissal. 



    Anytime your mode of transportation changes, I MUST have a written note from you.


    School Visitors:

    State Law requires that visitors must enter and exit through the main lobby doors.  The side doors will be locked at all times.  By law no one is allowed to open them for visitors.  Please check in at the office before visiting a classroom.  All visitors are required to sign in at the office and obtain a visitors pass to wear.  This is for safety of all students and staff. 


    Contacting Mrs. Morton:

    Communication is the key to a successful parent-teacher relationship.  If you have questions, concerns, funny stories or happy thoughts about your child I would love to hear them!  Please write me a note or call me at school.  I try to return phone calls the same day I receive them.  If you have a quick question or comment, feel free to email me at alyfulbright@mooreschools.com.  I try to check my email several times throughout the day.  You may also send a note to school and I will get a response back to you as soon as possible.  If you need to speak with me briefly during morning arrival/dismissal or afternoon arrival/dismissal this is fine too.  However, I can not get into any lengthy discussions during those times as the children deserve to have my attention.


    Behavior Expectations:

    ·        Please remember to mind your manners.

    ·         Use the words “Please”, “Thank You” and “You are Welcome” often to your classmates and teacher. 

    ·        Good manners include listening when someone is talking; taking turns to speak before interrupting.  If you must interrupt say, “Excuse me.”

    ·        Please raise your hand to ask for a turn to speak during group activities.

    ·        Before you speak ask yourself if this is a “tattle” or a “tell.”  When tattling, you are trying to get someone else in trouble and this is not in the spirit of kindness.  Remember that the teacher is in charge of correcting the class.

    ·        Please clean up the classroom and put away items you are playing with before getting more out or when asked to clean up.  Be careful with our toys and supplies.  Keep them clean and do not break them or lose pieces.

    ·        Loud voices are not polite voices inside the classroom.

    ·        Sometimes you may feel upset or angry in our classroom.  When that happens, it is the most important time to remember to mind your manners.  Use kind words, inside voices, and please do not hurt anyone.  Instead talk calmly to the person you are upset with or to an adult in the classroom so that we can all help each other.

    ·        Please be kind to one another, share toys, help each other and be proud of our class.  Do your BEST!!!

    ·        Remember that a smiling face makes this a HAPPY PLACE!!!