• Have You Signed-Up for E-Alerts?


    In case you were unaware, Mrs. Veach and Mrs. Morton
    have class web pages.  On these web pages you will find the weekly newsletter, songs, favorite links and other important information.  We are trying our best to keep them updated so please be patient!  We would like to encourage you to look at it regularly.  If you have not already done so, you may go to the Moore Public Schools website and register, after doing this, you can sign- up for “E-Alerts.”  E-Alerts will notify you by e-mail when there have been updates or changes made to our class web pages.  Hopefully everyone will sign-up and use this new service, therefore you will always know what we are doing!!!



    ·        Go to the school website.

    o       https://www.mooreschools.com/, click on the “Our Schools” tab and go to the “Elementary Info” link.  Find “Santa Fe Elementary” and click


    o       Sign-in (if you are registered)

    MOST of you will need to register! (Register by clicking on the “Register” tab in the top right corner)


    o        If you are at a stop: click on “My Info” (top right hand corner) (Please update your information if it is incorrect)


    o       Scroll down to “Your E-Alerts Are”  (bottom of profile)

    ***Make sure the button is in front of “On” 

              My E-Alerts & Subscriptions

              Your E-Alerts are       on            off


    o       Click on “Edit Subscriptions”

    o       Select “Santa Fe Elementary” from the drop down list

    o       Click on the boxes beside the pages you would like e-mail notices for when their page is updated

    o       Click on “Subscribe”


    Hopefully these instructions will help you… If not, as always, feel free to email if you have questions.



    Mrs. Morton