Let me share a little about myself!
    Teaching Experience...
         During my years of teaching I have taught Grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade in Mustang Schools, Western Heights Schools, and Moore Schools where I am an Alumni, and OCCC College for Kids!  I have been in the Moore School District as a Elementary Music Specialist since 1998-99 school year.  I have been honored to receive PTA Teacher of the Year 1999,  Teacher of the Year 2003 and Pat Henry PTA Award Nomination 2010 while teaching here in Moore Schools. 

    While I was a student in Moore Schools and more!

         One of my first experiences in music as a student was playing clarinet at Central Jr. High in their Band program.  I went on to be a part of the "Marching 200" Band at Moore High School.  I completed my Bachelors degree in Vocal Music Education at University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma in 1988.  I have since taken graduate work at University of Oklahoma in their Kodaly Music Education courses.
    Instruments rock!
         Since I began teaching I have introduced instruments such as the Soprano Recorder, 4-Hole, 6-Hole, and 12-Hole Tenor Ocarina (Woodwind that dates back 12,000 years), Beginning Guitar and Ukulele, Percussion and World Drums like the Djembe, Conga, Bongo, Cajon, and Tubano.  Several of our instruments at Sooner have made possible by Educators Credit Union, Moore Foundation Grants, Women of the South, and Cox Communications Grant Program for Schools. 
    Teaching at our local Jr. College...
         Concerning OCCC College for Kids Summer Program I have taught there as part of their Summer Program since 2009.  I teach Recorder from the days of Bach, 4-Hole, 6-Hole, and 12-Hole Tenor Ocarina, Beginning Ukulele,  and previously World Music Camps for strudents entering Grades 4th-8th and 1st-3rd.  Also World Drums and Percussion Classes, and Guitar for those who have their own guitar and want to learn more!
    Why do I teach Music?      
         My goal as a Music teacher is to share the "joy" that music can bring to their lives.  Let's face it...have you ever met someone who didn't enjoy hitting a drum? Our music programs here in Moore Schools from the Elementary level thru High School have alot to offer.  I encourage all my students to consider taking Choir or Band in Jr. High thru High School if they are interested.  With all the technology that is available you can also learn on your own with YouTube or find someone to get you started in private lessons.  If you do not know where to look please let me know.  I hope your student will always have an appreciation for Music and it will find a place in their lives.
                                                                                     Musically yours always,
                                                                                     Ms. Deborah Goodhead
                                                                                     Elementary Music Specialist
                                                                                     Sooner Elementary/Moore Schools
                                                                                     OCCC College for Kids Instructor