August, 2020



    Dear Parents and/or Guardians and students,

         Welcome to Sooner Music!  This year we will have to make some changes but I am excited to announce we have adopted Quavermusic.com for our new curriculum.  Your students will be able to use this curriculum at school and online at home! This year my focus will be “The Beat Goes On!” We will be studying rhythm more in depth, instruments of the orchestra and how they make their sound, and more!

          The following are my expectations for this year as we have more creative musical adventures in learning!  Please go over them with your student and sign below and turn in by their next music class for their first grade in class.


    My “Classroom Guidelines” are as follows (also use “Great Expectations & Life Principles”):


    1. Come to class...PREPARED!
    2. Be POLITE to others.
    3. Try new things!
    4. HANDS TO YOURSELF...very important this year.
    5. Dream Big Dreams!


    If your student has problems with following the classroom guidelines they will do the following:

    First checkStudent signs the “Classroom Management Log” and writes “Great 8” that applies.

    Second check Sign “Log” , write Life Principles, and talk with teacher or Counselor as needed.

    Third checkSign “Log”, write Life Principles and contact parent and principal as needed.

    Grade will be a “U” which is unsatisfactory for each lesson a student receives a check and will not be

    elgible for student awards.


    Student Awards/Fun Fridays

    “Top Musician” - Kindergarten thru 2nd grade students will be acknowledged each Nine Weeks and students in 3-6 grade classes will be announced each semester.


    “Outstanding Musicians Award”/Sixth Grade
    Sixth Grade also has top boy and girl musician awards at the end of the year.


    Music Grades

    Grades for students 3-6 will be based on Lesson/Participation Grades (50%), Music Contract/Worksheets/Quizzes and Tests (30%), and Nine Weeks/Semester Tests (20%). “Extra credit” is available for “Concert Attendance” (bring ‘Program’ or parent note), “Show and Tell” is available if students want to share their ‘instruments’ or music related items. This year they can email picture and tell class about it!  If you have any questions please email me at deborahgoodhead@mooreschools.com.


      Musically yours,

      Ms. Deborah Goodhead

      Elementary Music Specialist

      Sooner Elementary




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