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District Privacy Policies

FERPA/Distance Learning Update

Moore's directory information is different than the standard and most school districts.  We implemented limited directory information years ago as a result of vendors hounding students for such things as pizza, insurance, etc.  So, Moore does not include student e-mail addresses, physical addresses or telephone numbers in its directory information.  This will not change, at all.  This has kept vendors from obtaining this information for all of Moore students in the past few years.

The information provided in the update is essentially for distance learning, video conferencing, and privacy of student records.  USDE has made it clear it is not a violation of FERPA to participate in a video conference.  What should be avoided, according to their FAQ, is having a spouse or others view, or listen to, personally identifiable information of a student.  At the same time, the FAQ's state it is not a FERPA violation for a non-student to view the virtual lesson, as long as Personal student information (PII) is not disclosed during the virtual session.  It also makes it clear that it is not a violation of FERPA for a teacher to access and take home personally identifiable student information.


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Currently under review - will be posted by July 1.


Currently under review - will be posted by July 1.