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Business Education


In Moore Public Schools, we see the world of business education as a transformative journey that lays the groundwork for our students' future success in the dynamic realms of interrelational commerce and personal economics. In our fast-paced, interconnected, and diverse world, understanding the fundamentals of economics and commerce is essential, whether students dream of launching their own company, climbing the corporate ladder, mastering the art of investment, or simply seeking a solid personal financial future. Our business education program serves as a gateway to these many exciting opportunities and helping to fulfill the MPS vision of ...
Shaping Today's Students Into Tomorrow's Leaders.

Business Education Personnel

David Burton
Business Education Curriculum Coordinator
Phone: (405) 735-4286
FAX: (405) 735-4373 

Meet Mr. Burton

Stephanie Barton
Secretary for Business Education
Phone: (405) 735-4265
FAX: 735-4373