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Early Childhood


The Moore Public Schools Early Childhood program is designed to meet the special needs of young learners, and teaching is based on the knowledge of how young children develop and learn.

Many learning opportunities are provided in a child-centered environment equipped with a wealth of concrete, open-ended instructional materials. Daily opportunities are provided for the children to choose from a wide range of activities and experiences.

The day is thoroughly and carefully planned to achieve long-range goals for all children. Flexibility is deliberately built in to allow for special needs, circumstances and interests. However, planning and organization promotes continuity, routine and daily repetition necessary for the young child.

Children are actively engaged in their learning. They observe, they interact with materials and with people, and they ask questions as they explore new concepts and expand their understandings. 


The curriculum provides richness and a wide variety of learning experiences, materials, and instructional strategies to accommodate a broad range of children’s individual differences in prior experiences, maturation rates, styles of learning needs and interests.  Children’s sense of competence and enjoyment of learning is strengthened by allowing opportunities for choice and by providing experiences in which children feel successful.


The primary focuses for teaching in the early years are . . .                                                            

to instill a love for learning;

to emphasize creativity, literacy, and mathematical reasoning; and

to provide a context for healthy interactions among the students and the adults.


We believe. . .

·         that all children are individuals who learn in their own way and at their own pace

·         that play is the most important process through which young children learn

·         that children learn best through educational experiences that are developmentally appropriate

·         that parents are a vital part of the learning process

·         that a collaborative approach should be taken to education where can children learn from each other 

·         that a qualified, dedicated staff is critical to the development of a quality early education program


Pam Plumley

Early Childhood Coordinator

Phone: 405-735-4264