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Waterford provides adaptive reading, math and science programs for PK-2nd grade learners.  You will be required to use The First 20 Days of Waterford in order to help your students adapt to Waterford.  The guidelines for implementation into your schedule is as follows; 

Waterford Schedule 2024-25

  • 2nd Grade August 12, 2024: Begin “The First 20 Days of Waterford” September 9th: Program starts...30 minutes x 5 days
  • 1st Grade September 3, 2024: Begin “The First 20 Days of Waterford” October 1: Program starts...20 minutes x 5 days/Progress to 30 minutes x 5 days in January
  • Kindergarten September 3, 2024: Begin “The First 20 Days of Waterford” October 1: Program starts...15 minutes x 5 days
  • Pre-K October 1, 2024: Begin “The First 20 Days of Waterford” October 30: Program starts...12 minutes x 3 days/Progress to 15 minutes 4 days by 2nd semester (for those students who are ready to move forward with more time).


Waterford Mini Certificates


Waterford TIPS:

  • Waterford recommends small group sessions to begin implementation so you can closely observe student usage and help overcome issues that they may experience while learning the program. 
  • New students will show up 24-48 hours after the students' first day of school. The teacher will need to assign the course to that student(s). 
  • Any changes made in the program will need to sync overnight before the changes are complete.
  • Sometimes when a device appears stuck or frozen it is from the student answering incorrectly or tapping the screen too many times repeatedly. 
  • If there is an obvious error and the teacher is seeing it happen on the student device, the teacher will need to click on the gear, put in admin id and report the problem to Waterford from the device the error occurred. By selecting the "?" the teacher will be able to find answers to many questions.
  • Make sure the Waterford app is up to date.