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Reading/Language Arts: Elementary

Primary Grades Reading

Reading instruction at the primary level is conducted with a literature-based textbook and phonics program. Comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, phonological awareness, thinking skills and reading strategies are emphasized at all levels with the use of the comprehensive reading system, Into Reading by HMH,  a collection of literature books, and a variety of enrichment materials. Our primary grades also incorporate Heggerty Phonological Awareness into their daily plans. Instruction is systematic and explicit in the following five component areas (the five “Big Ideas” of reading): Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. Independent reading of library books is encouraged daily. The Accelerated Reader computerized reading program is a strong component of the reading program. 

Intermediate Grades Reading

The reading program in grades four, five, and six is comprised of whole group and small group instruction. The comprehensive program, Into Reading, is continued through 6th grade.  Reading instruction is conducted with a wide variety of multi-leveled, high-interest materials.  Emphasis continues to be placed on systematic and explicit instruction in the five component areas. Direct instruction in the areas of comprehension strengthens the intermediate reading program. The reading of children's literature is continued in the intermediate grades. The objectives of the program are to expose students to the environment of literature. Silent reading is encouraged daily to promote reading as a lifelong activity. The Accelerated Reader computerized reading program is a strong component of the reading program.


 Elementary ELA and Media Services Curriculum Coordinator