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Social Studies


Social studies is the study of individuals, communities, systems, and their interactions across time and place that prepares students for local, national, and global civic life.

National Council for the Social Studies

local, state, national, world, ethnic studies, and current events/issues

physical, environmental, cultural, and human

general, macroeconomic, microeconomics, and international

civics, political science, human rights, justice, and law/legal studies

 psychology, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, gender studies, and religion

In Moore Public Schools, we view Social Studies as the captivating place where understanding the complexities of society, history, and the human experience comes to life. Our Social Studies curriculum is the gateway through which students explore the rich tapestry of human civilization, enabling them to make sense of the past, present, and future. Whether student interests lie in unraveling the mysteries of history, deciphering the intricacies of government and politics, or delving into the nuances of culture and geography, our courses have something for everyone. Students will be equipped and empowered to analyze, question, and engage within our increasingly interconnected and culturally diverse world. Our students will gain valuable insight into the forces that shape our societies, helping them become informed and active citizens. Social Studies education plays an integral role in fulfilling the MPS vision of ...
Shaping Today's Students Into Tomorrow's Leaders.

Social Studies Personnel

David Burton
Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator
Phone: (405) 735-4286
FAX: (405) 735-4373 

Meet Mr. Burton

Stephanie Barton
Secretary for Social Studies
Phone: (405) 735-4265
FAX: 735-4373 

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