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Educational Links for Native American Education:

Make American Heritage Month a Success

Thanksgiving Lesson Plans from a Native American Perspective

Native American Heritage

Native American Heritage Month Resources

More Native American Heritage Resources

Oklahoma Indian Tribe Education Guides

Indian Education Lesson Plans

Indian Education Lesson Resources

American Indian Perspective on Thanksgiving

7 Things Teachers Need to Know About Native American Heritage Month

Tips for Choosing Culturally Appropriate Books & Resources About Native Americans

Oklahoma Historical Society

Indian Country


Education World

Discovery Education

Other Online Resources for Teachers


American Indian Culture and History Educator 
 Websites and Resources*

Lesson Activities:

THE OKLAHOMAN, Newspapers in Education; teaching supplement, teacher’s guide, lessons:
                 Native American Heritage: Traditions in Transition (Fall 2012)
                 Native American Heritage: Contemporary Arts (Spring 2012)
                 Native American Heritage: Traditional Arts (Fall 2011) Cherokee Heritage (Fall 2011)

                 Native American Heritage: Oklahoma Indian Country,
                                                                   An Overview of Oklahoma's 39Tribal Nations (Spring 2011)
                 Native American Heritage: Native Sports (Fall 2010)
                 Native American Heritage: Food Ways (Spring 2010)
                 Native American Heritage: Mound builders (Fall 2009)
                 Native American Heritage: Native Views (Spring 2009)
                 Native American Heritage: The Guardian (Fall 2008)

The American Indian Cultural Center & Museum;

Oklahoma tribes; Tribal Government List page showing executive officer, location of Tribal Headquarters, and tribal website links;

 History of Oklahoma; timeline; links to “Five Tribes”; “Trail of Tears”; tribes of “Southeast Culture” and “Great Plains Indians”;

Indian Territory & Oklahoma map 1, map 2, & map 3; Link to Digital Archived Indian Treaties (366 of 375); See “Index” and Indian Territory and/or Oklahoma;

Spiro Mounds; YouTube video and history;;

Plains Indians; Power Point presentations,Legends, activities for Kids, lesson plans;

“Trail of Tears and the Forced Relocation of the Cherokee Nation” lesson plan; Nation Park Service;

Cherokee Nation and Government Point of Views Regarding Removal, lesson plans and documents; teach US History;

Teaching with Documents: Maps of the Indian Territory, the Dawes Act, and Will Roger’s Enrollment Case File; documents, Standards (not Oklahoma), teaching activities; modify to 3rd Grade Level;


The Journal of Jesse Smoke: A Cherokee Boy; lesson guide, grades 6-8, Dear America & Scholastic;

Tribal Websites: (for kids)

 Kids FAQ’s about the Cherokee Nation; Kid’s Games, Cherokee Alphabet and audio pronunciation; Traditional stories;'sArea/Default.aspx

 Chickasaw Interactive website; History, Language w/ audio; Educational games & activities;

Choctaw legends;

United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees in Oklahoma; History Activities for children; including Sequoyah and Keetoowah Cherokee Syllabary

“The American Indian Facts for Kids”, Links to various Tribal Websites by Orrin Lewis, Cherokee:  (history, languages, games…)
 Cherokee ,  ChickasawChoctawCreek, and Seminole

“Lord of the Plains, Know Us” coloring book;                                                                                                                                                             

Printable resources for kids;

Five Tribes:

Official site of the Cherokee Nation; government; culture, history, maps (“About the Nation” menu);

Cherokee; language technology and links;

Cherokee Language Lesson activities; Dictation-Practice/

Chickasaw Nation; history, culture, arts, language;

Chickasaw Cultural Center; interactive museum, theater, classes;

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma; documents, “The Indian Reorganization Act”, “Constitution of the Choctaw Nation”; history; treaty dates; Pre and Post Removal Government Treaties; culture;

Choctaw Nation; see “Choctaw Culture” menu/classes; Power Point presentations on Choctaw History,  Traditional Foods, Moccasins, Pottery;

School of Choctaw Language, lessons, vocabulary, galleries;

Choctaw Code Talkers, history;

  Muscogee (Creek) Nation, history, language; Museum & Cultural Center;

  Muscogee (Creek) Constitution;

Seminole Nation; see “Culture” menu for culture, history, language lessons, Family Language packet (PDF);

Seminole Nation Oklahoma Museum, site has “Virtual Tour”;

Other Tribal Sites:

Absentee Shawnee Tribe; See “Cultural” link for history;

Apache Tribe of Oklahoma; history and culture;
Caddo Nation Website; history, culture, language;

Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribe website; Government and culture;

Citizen Potawatomi Nation Language - common phrases, language conversation, language dictionary, Language for children, language games, stories;

Comanche Nation; constitution, culture;

Comanche; links to language, sounds and alphabet, history, bands, timeline;

Comanche; virtual tour of museum, exhibitions, collections, videos, gallery, language;

Delaware Tribe; history and timeline (excellent video) ;                                                                                 

Iowa Nation; grammar, language, Treaty of 1854;

Kaw Nation; language games;
Kaw Nation; Cultural history, Artist, Artifacts, Smithsonian Museum;                                                                                                                                                                           
Miami Nation, history, culture, frequently asked questions;

Modoc Tribe, history;

Otoe-Missouria Tribe, history, culture, language and activities;

Osage Nation Tribal Museum, see “Osage Tribal Museum Photo Website” link, select “Explore Collections” menu; “Osage Time Capsule” link provides historical timeline;                                                                                                                                    
Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma, history;
Pawnee Nation, history, government;
Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma, history, tribal government;
Ponca Nation; history; link to Chief “Standing Bear vs. Crook” (1879), famous Native American Supreme Court case;
Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma; culture, history, language “word of the week”; “Business” menu/ Museum, “Museum Exhibits”;
Quapaw; language online lessons, see reference guide link also;
 Sauk (Sac & Fox of Oklahoma) Nation; language video, (PDF) Language Workbook; (PDF) Concise Dictionary;

Seneca-Cayuga Tribe; culture, history;

Shawnee Tribe; history;

Thlopthlocco Tribal Town; history;
Tonkawa Tribe; government, constitution, history, culture;

United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees; select “About UBK” menu, links to history, language, culture; “Government”, constitution;

Wichita & Affiliated Tribes; “culture” menu, history, language;
Wyandotte Nation; Culture, treaties, history, myths, language, photos; maps showing ownership;

Additional Websites for Oklahoma American Indian History:

Oklahoma Council of Social Studies; Oklahoma biographies of famous people; Video clips; Lesson plans; Critical thinking, Reading & Writing activities.

American Indian tribes of Oklahoma; Languages; Links to Tribal Nation’s website 

History, people, maps,                                                                                 
Oklahoma’s Indian culture and history;                 

Maps of Indian Nations and Oklahoma

George Catlin - Indian Gallery; history and exhibits

Gilcrease Museum Collection of Native American Art

Oklahoma Timeline

 Life in the Indian Territory, history and pictures

University of Oklahoma Western History Collection: Doris Duke Collection; Indian Pioneer Papers; Native American Manuscripts;

Social Studies Standards:

State Department of Education  Standards for the Social Studies

*Indian Education Program in Collaboration with Norman Public Schools