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 Thousands of scholarships are available.  But, be warned about offers that require any money up front.  It shouldn't cost anything to search or apply for a scholarship.  There are many clearinghouse web sites for national scholarships.  One is  For scholarships administered by the state of Oklahoma go to the State Regents for Higher Education web site at  Also, don't forget to register by June 30th following your your Sophomore year for Oklahoma's Promise, formerly OHLAP.  For details on the program visit

Making College Financial Planning Count:  

*Parents, visit this site for a free, online college financial planning program:

Scholarships Currently Available:   Choctaw offer free online College test prep

College Scholarships
Scholarship link   More Indian Educational Opportunities are posted on the NIEA website Native American Educational Opportunities
Chickasaw Nation Grants and Scholarships Application
Chickasaw Nation Higher Education - Grants and Scholarships

The Chickasaw Nation "Programs, Grants and Scholarships" Application:
Chickasaw Nation Scholarships

Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Nation

Bacone College
National JOM  Association
NJOMA Scholarship Info