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Life Insurance

EGID Life Insurance

The Oklahoma State Employees Group Insurance Division (EGID), a division of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES), applies the following rule for the group life insurance: In order to obtain life insurance, employees must first elect a health plan OR must have other verifiable group health i.e. through a spouse's employment, military or Certificate of Degree of Indian or Alaska Native Blood (CDIB). 

  • As a new employee, you are eligible for (2) two times your salary in guaranteed-issued life insurance through EGID as long as you elect the coverage within 30 days following your initial entry-on-duty date or the date you become eligible. A limited amount (Guaranteed Issue) can be obtained without an approved Life Insurance Application.  The current amount of Guaranteed Issue life insurance is the Basic Life Option of $20,000 + two times the amount of your annual salary rounded up to the next $20,000 unit. 


  • You may elect life insurance without electing a health plan, BUT YOU HAVE TO PROVIDE PROOF THAT YOU ARE COVERED UNDER ANOTHER GROUP HEALTH PLAN.


  • Current employees, may elect life insurance at Option Enrollment in the fall.  Proof of other group coverage is required. Life Insurance elected during this time will be subject to approval by EGID.
  • The maximum amount of EGID Life Insurance an employee may purchase is $500,000. with an approved Life Insurance Application. 

REMINDER: Keep your beneficiary forms up-to-date. Life events that may prompt a change in beneficiary information update include marriage, divorce, name change, and death of current beneficiary.


Life Premiums

EGID Life Insurance Beneficiary form