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Process Guide for Retirement Paperwork


Using “June 1” as a retirement date, we recommend you begin the process as soon as possible as it can take months to complete your paperwork.

1. Employees will need to first complete the attached pre-retirement Pre‐Retirement Information Verification form that will be used to help the Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System (TRS) prepare your Estimate of Retirement Statement (TRS form 40). 

  • This form and other requested documents (i.e. verification of unused sick leave, proof of birth) must be submitted to TRS to begin the process. 
  • Employees may log onto their EMPLOYEE PORTAL to obtain & print their current leave balance. 
  • Once submitted to TRS, estimated processing time: 6 weeks.

2. Employees will receive their first packet once the Personal Information Verification form has been received and processed. This packet will contain the Estimate of Retirement Statement (TRS form 40), retirement contract, and the retirement Options from which you will need to choose one. Employees will need to pick the Option that is best suited for him/her, sign the contract and then mail the paperwork back to OTRS. 

  • IMPORTANT: this packet must be submitted to OTRS approximately sixty (60)-ninety (90) days prior to retirement date. I.e. for June 1, April 1 DEADLINE to be at TRS! 
  • Once submitted to TRS, estimated processing time: 6 weeks.

3. Once TRS receives your completed Estimate of Retirement Statement packet, they will send you your second & final packet. This packet will contain the following: final retirement contract, beneficiary form, Benefit Payment Authorization form (bank account information & tax withholding), insurance document, and Employer Retirement Verification form (district to complete this form).

When you receive this packet: 

  • Contact Linda Lewis at 735-4308, to schedule an appointment with Cheryl Hendrix.

I. Please remember that insurance/benefits will be paid through your contract year. I.e. if you are a teacher, benefits will be paid through the month of July, Para(s) through August, etc.

II. You may also elect NEW health, dental, and/or vision at retirement for yourself and dependent(s) even if you currently do have these benefits, but they will not be effective until August (i.e. for contract teacher or Sept for Para(s).

Note: this packet is required by statutes to be filed with TRS no less than thirty (30) days, nor more than ninety (90) days before the date of retirement. Therefore, the final contract for retirement must be completed and on file with TRS by the first day of the month immediately preceding the retirement date; May 1st DEADLINE!

4. OTRS has strict deadlines! Please follow the above process and everything will run smoothly. DEADLINE: All completed retirement paperwork has to be on file at OTRS by May 1 for a June 1 retirement date.

Points of Contacts/Resources:

Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System: 521-2387

Jeanne Oden, Payroll Supervisor: 735-4242

Cheryl Hendrix, Insurance Coordinator 735-4202

A link to the TRS website can be found on our district website. There you can find the TRS Client Handbook that explains the Retirement Options and other TRS information.

Please visit the website at: ; click DEPARTMENTS; click INSURANCE; click onto the Teacher’s Retirement web page.