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Danger Zones


Danger Zone




The DANGER ZONE is the area immediately surrounding the school bus. It extends up to 30 feet in front of the bus, and10 feet behind the bus, and 10 feet from the sides. The area of greatest danger is immediately in front of the front bumper and right rear wheel. 

  • Teach students, "If you touch the bus, you are TOO CLOSE," and "If you can't see the driver as you cross the street in front of the bus, you are TOO CLOSE."
  • Students should always cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus. 
  • Students should wait for the driver's signal to cross. 
  • Students Should always watch for moving vehicles when exiting a stopped school bus. 
  •  If you are a passing motorist be sure to watch for stopping school buses. Do not pass the bus if the overhead red loading lights are flashing.  
  • It is against the law and unsafe to do so and could result in either injuring a child or a heavy fine. If there is no median separating the lanes you are  required by law to stop no matter how many lanes of traffic there are.