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Guidelines for Bus Conduct

Appropriate student behavior on the bus is critical to the safe transportation of our students. Students must follow all instructions from the bus driver as failure to obey instruction from the driver may lead to disciplinary action.  


Rider rules:

 1. Observe same conduct as in the classroom.

2. Be courteous, no fighting, horseplay, or profane language.  

3. CHOKING HAZARD! Do not eat or drink on the bus. 

4. Keep the bus clean and aisle clear of books, projects, and bags at all times.

5. Cooperate with the driver by following the rules and driver instructions.

6.   Prohibited! The possession or use of tobacco, vaping, alcohol and drugs. 

7. Students will be responsible for the cost of any destruction of bus or seats.

8. Stay seated in your seat at all times keeping head, arms and legs out of the isle and inside the bus at all times.

9.  No distracting behavior loud noises including talking, laughing, or horse playing that will distract the driver. 

10. Never throw objects out of or inside the bus.

11. Students must ride the bus they are assigned to ONLY. Students will NOT be allowed to exit the bus at a stop that they are not assigned for ANY reason. 

12. In case of an emergency wait for the driver to give you directions before exiting the bus.

13. Bus driver is authorized to assign seats.