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Safety Tips for Entering Exiting and Riding the Bus

Tips for Getting On & Off the Bus

 1. Wait for the bus driver's signal to cross.

Concerned parents who wait at bus stops with children are a tremendous asset. 

2. Warn children that, if they drop something they should never pick it up.

Instead, tell the bus driver and follow his instructions. If they bend down to pick up an object,

they might not be seen by the driver. Loading and unloading is the most dangerous time. 

3. Never cross behind the bus or where the driver can't see you.

 4. The driver is not allowed to let a child board or get off the bus

at another stop with out permission from the Director of Transportation.

Follow your school's procedures if you have an emergency and would like your child to get on or off

at a stop other than the one assigned. 

 5. Wait on the side where the child will be dropped off, not across the


Children can be so excited at seeing you after school that they dash across the street and forget

the safety rules. 

6. Never chase the school bus.

Should a child miss the bus, instruct them to return home (in mornings) or return to campus office

( in afternoon) to make other transportation arrangements.

Riding the Bus 

1. Students should take their seats quickly.

2.Be courteous to the driver and

 follow his/ her instructions. 

3. They may talk quietly, but not distract the driver.

 4. Students are rarely injured in bus accidents if they remain correctly

seated. They should stay correctly seated, backpacks in their laps for the

entire ride, and keep the aisles clear.