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Unacceptable Behavior

Any student observed in the act of committing any of the below offenses will be challenged by the driver to cease any practice that he or she deems unsafe to the student themselves, or to any of the other students on the bus is a distraction to the driver. If the student refuses to take the warnings or corrective measures of the driver seriously, the driver is encouraged to write the student up on a Bus Conduct Report and turn it to the principal for further review of disciplinary action to be taken, including contacting the parents or legal guardian.


Class I Offense:

1. Spitting.

2. Excessive noise.

3. Horseplay/mischief.

4. Eating/drinking/littering on the bus.

5. Leaving seat/standing without permission from the driver.

6. Use of any liquid containers in any form.

7. Profanity, verbal abuse, harrassment, obsene gestures or possession of unacceptable material.

8. False identification.

9. Riding unassigned bus or using unassigned bus stop.

10. Riding or attempting to ride any bus during a bus suspension.

11. Disobedience to the driver.

12. Other offenses as reported by the driver or principal.

Class II Offense:

1. Hanging out of windows.

2. Throwing/shooting of any object.

3. Physical aggression against any person (student or driver).

4. Possession/use of any tobacco product or controlled substance (to include e-cigs of any type).

5. Vandalism to bus (restitution will be made).

6. Holding onto or attempting to hold onto any portion of the exterior of the bus.

7. Lighting of matches, lighters, or any flammable object or substance.

8. Unauthorized entering or leaving the bus through emergency door/tampering with the bus equipment.

9. Possession or threat of weapon/explosives/flammables.

10. Other offenses as reported by the driver or principal.

11. Possession/use of laser pens or pointers.

12. Any offense committed on any bus outside of regular transportation to and from school (activity, field trip, shuttles, sporting events, etc.) will carry a minimum penalty of a Class II first offense.