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Where's my stop?

Welcome to the district!  

Click HERE to find your bus stop.

 Is this the first time your child has ridden the bus?

If you're in need of knowing where your student may meet their bus and the bus number they are assigned then look no further.  

The Transportation Department is definitely the best place to stop for information regarding bus stop locations and times, as well as the bus number your student will be assigned to.   

Below you will find a link that will help you find the bus information you are looking for. As well a link to some helpful bus riding rules and guidelines that all parents should be aware of.

The Bus Stop Locator link below will give you information regarding the current school year. Since we have added an elementary and another junior high to our district, the routing information for a number of our schools will change. This means that the stop locations, times and bus numbers may not be the same as previous years. It will also show what school  your child attends.

The Rider Rules link is a set of guidelines put together by our safety and training department to give parents a great source of helpful information in hopes that they will practice using these guidelines with their children to increase the student's awareness of their own safety as well as the safety of others. This set of guidelines does not take away from or replace the rules for entering, riding, and exiting the bus found in the parent section of this site. It was created to support the existing guidelines as well as support the schools disciplinary guidelines by providing a quick reference for parents to work alongside their student's school and the Transportation Department. 

Looking for your Bus Stop?   

Please, click Bus Stop Locator for information regarding which school serves the address that your child resides. Please enter your child's grade and address information to locate their stop and bus assignment.

*It is the policy of the Transportation Department to ask parents to please, have all student riders at their assigned stops 5 minutes before pick up time please. Thank you.*

Please, click Rider Rules for a quick reference sheet that explains the rules that the driver will have posted on the bus and used as a guideline to keep all students safe on MPS buses.