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Disease Prevention

The health and safety of our students is top priority at Moore Public Schools.  We are teaching life skills that keep us healthy, such as washing our hands.  Daily touch surfaces, such as desk tops, door knobs, and backs of chairs are wiped down with disinfectant and all restrooms are supplied with soap.  As a district and as a nation, the H1N1 flu virus a few year ago caused the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia to update procedures that lead to facilities updating communicable disease policies.  These very policies are in place to date and MPS is in compliance on every level.  From cleaning of the facilities to the monitoring of individual students' health on the campus level, everyone is actively involved. Even though these diseases are spread to others in different ways, the prevention is still the same--diligence and everyone's involvement.   Moore Public Schools remains directly in contact with the local and state departments of health to stay current with the latest disease control and reporting measures.     Please visit the following websites for current and accurate information.
Center for Disease Control (CDC)  
CDC COVID-19 Prevention
COVID-19 Prevention

Vaccine Information:

COVID-19 Vaccine

CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Information- Click Here
OSDH COVID-19 Vaccine Information- Click Here  
When to Quarantine

Quarantine vs Isolation

  CDC Flu Prevention

Flu Prevention

Flu Guide for Parents  
Flu Facts