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Helping Students Change Today's Challenges into Tomorrow's Opportunities

Moore Public Schools' Mental Health Therapists work to normalize and promote the importance of mental health for our students, teachers, parents, and community at large. We empower students to overcome challenges both past and present in order to foster student success. Our program encourages health and wellness, strengthening families, reducing isolation, and building a sense of connection and community. 


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7th-12 Grade Students



If you are concerned that your child is having thoughts about self-harm or harming others, don’t hesitate to ask questions.  Asking if someone is suicidal does not lead to suicidal thoughts. The following hospitals/facilities can help in the event that your child is having suicidal or homicidal thoughts. Knowing what to expect can be scary and confusing; here is a guide on what to expect in the event your child needs to be hospitalized for your child's safety or the safety of others.







Integris Mental Health

Phone: 405-427-2441

Address: 2601 N Spencer Rd, Spencer, OK 73084



INTEGRIS Mental Health-Spencer provides a variety of services for both acute and residential care including the following.

Psychiatric evaluation and treatment by a board-certified child/adolescent psychiatrist

Nursing care, including biophysical and medication education

Assessment and therapy services including individual, group and family therapy by a licensed mental health professional

Recreational assessment and therapy with a recreational therapist

Social skills groups by trained mental health professionals

Treatment planning

Case management

Close supervision and a structured environment

On-campus educational services provided by the Extended Education Services and Oklahoma City Public School System teachers at our Spencer site

INTEGRIS Mental Health-Spencer is not equipped to provide residential services to children who have an IQ below 70 or those with a physical or medical problem that significantly restricts their ability to receive inpatient mental health treatment. A dual diagnosis program for children with IQ levels between 50 and 70 is available at INTEGRIS Meadowlake in Enid, Okla.



St. Anthony


Address: 2129 S.W. 59th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73119



Located in Oklahoma City, SSM Health St. Anthony South is focused on the mental well-being of our patients. As part of SSM Health Behavioral Health, we are one of the area's most trusted mental health care providers.

We offer several programs, including:

START, for individuals suffering with chemical or substance dependency

Adult Unit

Positive Outcomes Program for male juvenile sexual offenders, ages 13-17

Stages, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient mental health services



St. Anthony South: 

Adolescent Partial Hospitalization

Phone: (405) 713-5706

Address: 2129 SW 59th, OKC, OK 73119



Our new Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program is located on the first floor of St. Anthony South at 2129 SW 59th and Pennsylvania and is designed for youth with mental health and/or behavioral issues, ages 12-17. The program serves as a step-down for youth who have had an inpatient psychiatric hospitalization prior to returning to normal school and community activities, or as a less restrictive alternative for youth and their families when inpatient treatment is not currently indicated.

The program offers a multidisciplinary team approach which is directed by a licensed child and adolescent psychiatrist. Our team also includes a program director, licensed mental health therapists, a registered nurse, and case managers as well as teachers from the Oklahoma City Public School system. The individualized treatment plan is formulated and implemented by this team to help ensure that all of the youth’s mental health and behavioral issues are addressed based on their current functioning level. The goal of the program is developing the coping skills to maintain positive behavior and reintegration back to a public school/community setting while overcoming mental health issues.

The Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program is open Monday through Friday and both breakfast and lunch are served. Transportation is available for those students in the OKC Public School District.

Treatment components: 

• Assessment

• Individualized treatment plans

• Individual, family and group therapy

• Coping skills and resiliency training

• Medication education

• Medication management

• Education provided onsite by OKC Public Schools



Children's Recovery Center of Oklahoma

Admissions: (405) 573-3842

Phone: (405) 573-3819

Fax: (405) 573-3804

Address: 320 12th Avenue NE, Norman, OK 73071



CRC provides screening, assessment and diagnostic impression for ages 13-17. We provided individual, family, and group therapy as well as case management. Medication management is available through licensed medical doctors. We provide crisis and residential treatment dorms to our clients and upon discharge planning we establish links to outpatient appointments. 



CARE for KIDS- Mobile Crisis Response


Address: 6501 NE 50th, Oklahoma City, 73141



If you are looking for short-term acute inpatient treatment for yourself or a loved one, or longer-term treatment for your child, Cedar Ridge Behavioral Hospital can help. We provide quality inpatient psychiatric services for children, teens and adults and residential treatment for children and teens. Cedar Ridge Behavioral Hospital can provide the support and structure patients need to help them recover in a secure environment.



Red Rock Crisis Center

Toll Free 1-855-999-8055

Phone: 405‐424‐7711

Fax: 405‐425‐0343

Address: OKC/Main Location- 4400 North Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73105‐5105



We are a comprehensive behavioral health service provider operating in 14 counties of Oklahoma.



Red River Youth Academy



Red River Youth Academy is a child and adolescent residential behavioral health treatment center located in Norman, Oklahoma. We provide treatment for boys, ages 7-17, and girls, ages 12-17, with severe emotional/behavioral conditions. Our trauma-informed program focuses on youth exhibiting severe anger, aggression, and defiance. The general length of stay ranges from 30 to 90 days.

Individual, group, and family therapy is provided in a structured, secure setting. School is taught onsite by Norman Public Schools teachers. Parents/guardians may submit a request to Norman Public Schools to transfer school credits earned to the child’s home school upon discharge.

Our facility is accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. SoonerCare, private pay, and most insurance accepted.



Rolling Hills Psychiatric Hospital 

Phone: (580) 436-3958



Rolling Hills ia private, 60-bed, acute inpatient psychiatric hospital located in Ada, OK. They work with ages 12-17 years old.



Positive Changes

Phone: (405) 636-1463 (OKC Location)

Fax: (405) 635-8417


Address: 744 SE 25th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73129



Positive Changes provides partial hospitalization treatment (PHP) for youth ages 4-17 in an outpatient setting. Children who qualify for this care have been unable to make adequate progress through outpatient counseling services, are stepping down from inpatient levels of care or whose behaviors make it difficult to maintain in a traditional classroom setting. Children attend our program Monday through Friday during the day and are home evenings and weekends. Children receive 3.5 hours of group rehabilitation and 3 hours of school (when public school is open) per day. Each week the children receive 1 hour of individual therapy, 1 hour of family therapy and 2 hours of group therapy. Children will also meet with a psychiatrist a minimum of twice per month.