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Termination Survey

Helping Students Change Today's Challenges into Tomorrow's Opportunities

Moore Public Schools' Mental Health Therapists work to normalize and promote the importance of mental health for our students, teachers, parents, and community at large. We empower students to overcome challenges both past and present in order to foster student success. Our program encourages health and wellness, strengthening families, reducing isolation, and building a sense of connection and community. 

Mental Health Crisis Resources 

Coping with COVID-19 Resources 

Counseling Resources 

Community-Based Resources

Tragedy Response Resources 

Coping Skills 

7th-12 Grade Students


The MPS Mental Health team is glad to have provided you with therapy services. Please complete the appropriate survey below after completion of your counseling experience, so we can continue improving our program and practice. This survey is intended to be completed at the end of counseling services when you have no further scheduled visits. 

MPS LBHP Anonymous Follow-Up Questionnaire for Parents

MPS LBHP Anonymous Follow-Up Questionnaire for Students