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Moore Council PTA team

MOORE, Okla. (Feb. 22, 2023) -- Moore Public Schools congratulates its students who won Reflections Awards and Briarwood's Cindy Lowe and Moore West's Tanusa Kelly as they were honored as Pat Henry Award winners during the Moore Council PTA's annual Founders Day event. Held at Central Junior High, Boy Scouts from Troop 180 led the Pledge of Allegiance and served as Color Guard.

The Pat Henry Award recognizes a school staff member, an administrator, or a school board member whose collaborative efforts with a local PTA/PTSA/SEPTA unit enhance the National PTA Standards for Parent and Family Involvement Programs.

The 2023 Pat Henry Award nominees are:

 Elementary Nominees

Stacy Ryans, Apple Creek
Cindy Lowe, Briarwood
Tiffany Black, Broadmoore
Blake Wood, Bryant
Myka Davis, Central
Karen Miner, Earlywine
Sherry McClendon, Fairview
Tammy Robinson, Fisher
Joey Slate, Heritage Trails
Brittany Edwards, Houchin
Celina Pierce, Houchin
Renee Blount, Kingsgate
Cody Crawford, Kingsgate
Tena Demechko, Northmoor
Challie Sweeney, Oakridge
Heather Addison, Plaza Towers
Michelle Epperson, Plaza Towers
Crystal Baker, Red Oak
Lorie Prater, Red Oak
Melissa McKay, Santa Fe
Marion McCurley, Sky Ranch
Donna Boeckman, South Lake
Wendy Peterson, Timber Creek
Michele Summers, Timber Creek
Patrick Chase, Wayland Bonds
Courtney Garnder, Wayland Bonds
Kathy Pelley,  Winding Creek

Secondary Nominees

Samantha Ainsworth, CJH
Jamie Carroll, CJH
Kayla Hyden, Highland East JH
Tasuna Kelly, Moore West


Reflections Winners

Special Artists

Ainsley Birch, Literature, Red Oak

Aeden Kiefer, Elem Visual Arts, Santa Fe

Imayah Brooks, Elem Visual Arts, Santa Fe

Dylan Bello, Elem Visual Arts, Santa Fe

Gabriel Gonzales, Middle School Visual Arts, CJH

Rylee Freaney, Middle School Visual Arts, CJH

Madison Smith, Middle School Visual Arts, CJH


Liliana Olmos, PreK-2, Sky Ranch
Agnes Holmes, PreK-2, Eastlake
Brandon Mason, PreK-2, Earlywine

Remington Asbery, 3rd-5th, Earlywine
Paxton Gray, 3rd-5th, Eastlake
Keelan Harris, 3rd-5th, Fairview

Chloe Whooten, 6th-8th, CJH
Eduardo Ibanez, 6th-8th, Earlywine
Logan Mason, 6th-8th, Earlywine


Brody Luna, PreK-2, Eastlake
Josephine Harrison, PreK-2, Briarwood

Anna Sommer, 3rd-5th, Earlywine
William Bui, 3rd-5th, Eastlake
Arav Vasanth, 3rd-5th, Wayland Bonds

Caitlyn Ferree, 6th-8th, Earlywine


Brody Luna, PreK-2, Eastlake
Isaac Sommers, PreK-2, Earlywine
Torreon Hayden, PreK-2, Red Oak

Brinlee Lemons, 3rd-5th, Wayland Bonds
McKenzie Benavides, 3rd-5th, Earlywine
Anna Sommers, 3rd-5th, Earlywine

Logan Mason, 6th-8th, Earlywine
Elliana Gutierrez, 6th-8th, Briarwood


Jasmine Couts, PreK-2, Earlywine
Agnes Holmes, PreK-2, Eastlake
Lillian Galindo, PreK-2, Wayland Bonds

Jaxon Brooks, 3rd-5th, Wayland Bonds
Mila Doland, 3rd-5th, Eastlake
Brooklyn Johnson, 3rd-5th, Santa Fe

Sophia Sevy, 6th-8th, Santa Fe
Mohammed Khan, 6th-8th, Earlywine
Shiyuan Zeng, 6th-8th, Red Oak


Ryan Tran, PK-2, Earlywine

Emma Tran, 3rd-5th, Earlywine
Selina Liu, 3rd-5th, Wayland Bonds
Cheyenne Smith, 3rd-5th, Earlywine

Sarah Grace Daya, 6th-8th, CJH
Ian Grant, 6th-8th, CJH
Christian Johnson, 6th-8th, CJH

 Visual Arts

Yoshiki Fleming, PK-2, Earlywine
Neev Makkar, PK-2, Earlywine
Taylynn Norvell, PK-2, Eastlake

Alice Riley, 3rd-5th, Fisher
Adelyn Ballinger, 3rd-5th, Wayland Bonds
Aleiyah Spruill, 3rd-5th, Apple Creek

Selina Liu, 3rd-5th, Eastlake

Laina Moua, 6th-8th, CJH
Alejandra Hernadez, 6th-8th, CJH
Hiromi Fleming, 6th-8th, Earlywine

Leilani Gouch, 9th-12th, Moore High
Natalie Torres, 9th-12th, Moore High

Pat Henry Awards and Reflections 2023
Pat Henry Awards and Reflections 2023
Pat Henry Awards and Reflections 2023