• Southgate Elementary
    500 N. Norman 
    Moore, Ok. 73120
     Principal: Dena Rogers
     Assistant  Principal: Tina Losada
    Counselor: Jennifer Bowen 
    Home of the Golden Cats!
    Our school colors are blue and gold
    Southgate-Rippetoe is an ethnically diverse school with a commitment to providing an educational opportunity for our entire community. Our school program is focused on literacy, mathematics and oral/written language development. We base our teaching philosophy at Southgate-Rippetoe on the tenants of a teaching model entitled Great Expectations. We believe that when a climate of mutual respect is created between teachers and students that all students can learn no matter what labels are placed upon them. Building student self-esteem is the key to helping children believe that they are capable of learning and motivating them to try. We strive to provide a secure and committed learning environment to maximize student learning and instill a love for life-long learning.

    * 4 year old program
    * Full day Kdg.
    * School wide Title I program
    * Technology Class
    * Physical Ed program
    * AR Reading program
    * Indian Tutor program
    * STEAM
    * Safety Patrol
    * AM / PM Cat Care 
    * 6th grade graduation
    * Honor Choir