These are the same assignments that are listed on Canvas. Each days assignment is worth 20 points. For each week, put all of your answers on one sheet of paper and take a picture, then email me the results by Friday. Please write with ink or darkly if using pencil so I can read the info on your photo.

    When you send an email, Before you answer ANY Questions, Write:  Ms. Mayfield, this is ________________ (first and last name), I'm in ___ Hour. These answers are for Week #__. This is especially important if you use your parent's email or an email address that doesn't have your first and last name. All no name emails go in the trash bin to be deleted. 

    Week 1

    04/13 Mon Graph 1
    04/14 Tue Article 1
    04/15 Wed


    Name 5 pieces of Lab Equipment shown on the memory match cards.

    04/16 Thu

    Watch the Virus video and answer the questions:       

    1.  What are the 3 parts to the Cell Theory?

    2.  What is the protein coat of a virus called?

    3.  What do Helper T-Cells do?

    04/17 Fri

    Read any science article, write the citation and write a one paragraph summary of the article. Example is below:

    Write the Citation in MLA style first; (Author, Title, Magazine or Web Site, Military Date) example below:

               Khan, Ali. "Preparedness 101:Zombie Apocalypse." CDC.gov. 16 May 2011.