Name: Madame Stafford-Najibi

    Email: Whitney Stafford-Najibi  
    Plan:  N/A
    Hour (Time) Subject
    1st Hour:   8:20 - 9:18
    French I
    2nd Hour: 9:23 - 10:21
    French II
    3rd Hour: 10:26 - 11:24
    French I
    4th Hour: 12:01 - 1:04
    French III Pre-AP/IV & V AP

    5th Hour: 1:09 - 2:08

    French I
    6th Hour: 2: 13 - 3:11
    French II
    Co-Curricular Assignments:  
    French Honor Society  
    The best way to reach me during the day is email. Please allow a 24 hours to get back to you.
    Class Alerts with Remind. To get alerts via email, send an email to to class specific email (see below).  Click on the links to download or view the pdf instructions.  You can see the active Remind feed by clicking on the Remind tab on the home page.




     pdf instructions

     French I

    Text @najibi1

    To 81010 


     French I Instructions

     French II

    Text @najibi2

    To 81010 


     French II Instructions

     French III/AP

    Text @najibiap

    To 81010 


     French III/AP Instructions