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    "The Standard"

    One Mission, One Family, ONE

    Moore Public Schools Athletic Department Mission:

    The predominant mission of MPS Athletics is to develop productive citizens willing to demonstrate integrity, discipline, and leadership while competing at the highest level in all aspects of life. 


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    James Robb - Athletic Facilitator


    Email Address:  James Robb


    ** Brink Junior High Athletic (Getting Started) Information:  BJH Athletics Info Sheet
    ** IMPORTANT: Moore Public Schools uses an electronic athletic paperwork system. Please click on the Athletic Forms and Rank One Information section to find the link to the electronic forms. 
    Brink athletics are considered after-school classes. There are various sports for each grade level. A health physical is required. There are no dues or entry fees. Students must hold passing grades in all classes to be eligible to participate. Attendance is mandatory for participation. 

    Brink Junior High Coaching Staff

    2023 - 2024

     Athletic Facilitator
    Boys Basketball Head Coach
    To Be Determined
    Girls Basketball Head Coach

    Kimberly Schuff


    Kylie Hunsinger

    Cross Country
    Brent Long
    Football Head Coach
    Patrick McKay
    Boys Golf
    Girls Golf
     Softball Fast Pitch (Fall)
    Softball Slow Pitch (Spring)
    Chad Smith & Lisa Perkins

    Varsity- Randy Painton

    Jr. High- Shawn Dismuke

    Track & Field
    7th Grade Volleyball Coaches
    8th Grade Volleyball Coaches

    James Adams  

    Elaine Stollsteimer  



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