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    7th Grade     Kimberly Martinez        735-4550   Click to sign-up to see Mrs. Martinez
    8th Grade     Rhonda King                    735-4551   Click to sign-up to see Ms. King
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    If you need information on how to enroll your student in the Moore Virtual Academy, please contact your School Counselor.
                 Join the Counselors Page on Canvas by clicking this link--> BOBCAT COUNSELORS
    Click here for information on how to become a "Parent Observer" on Canvas: Parent Observer
    Click this link to learn how to create a "Pairing Code" on Canvas: Pairing Code
    Staff Canvas Directory for Students and Parents: Canvas Directory
    The Counselors at Brink Jr. High offer a broad spectrum of services to our students, parents, and teachers.  We do everything we can to help students succeed and acheive their academic and personal goals.  This includes small group, individual, classroom, and whole school information dissemination, individual counseling and intervention, small group counseling and conflict resolution, testing coordination, and student enrollment. Our goal is to help a student to be the "best" he/she can be. Anything that affects success is our concern.
    At Brink the counselors identify students for the Duke Talent Search program,  plan Red Ribbon week, plan Career Day, plan and execute state testing,  identify and recommend students for the tutoring program, sit on the PTSA board, run the WEB program, work on Career Night at Moore Norman Technology Center, do yearly reports for all drug prevention and career education done at our school, sit in on IEP meetings, work with students who are having trouble of any kind including grades, see all students during the course of the year, provide group guidance when needed, and see students from principal, teacher, parent, or student self-referral.
    If you have concerns that a counselor can help address, you can contact us at the email links above.