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    Name: Shannon Wilson Conference/Plan: 4th Hour (10:50 - 11:45)
    Email: Shannon Wilson  
    Hour (Time)
    1. First Period (7:40-8:40)
     Pre-Algebra (8th Grade)
    2. Second Period (8:45-9:45)
    Pre-Algebra (8th Grade)
    3. Third Period (9:50-10:45)
    Pre-Algebra (8th Grade)
    4. Fourth Period (10:50-11:45)
    5. Fifth Period (12:20-1:15)
    Pre-Algebra (8th Grade)
    6. Sixth Period (1:20-2:16)
    Pre-Algebra (8th Grade)
    Co-Curricular Assignments:
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    "Peace, Love and Pre-Algebra!"
    - Shannon Wilson
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