8th Grade - Lindsey Golightly 
    7th Grade - Heather Smith

    Our counselors provide a broad spectrum of services for our students, families, and teachers. From individual counseling and intervention, to small group counseling and conflict resolution, to testing coordination and student enrollment.  Our counselors are actively involved in helping students to succeed and achieve their academic and personal goals.


    At Central, our counselors identify students for the Duke Talent Search Program,  plan Red Ribbon Week activities, coordinate Career Day, plan and execute state testing, recommend students for the tutoring program, do quarterly reports for all drug prevention and career education done at our school, sit in on IEP meetings, work with students who are having trouble of any kind including grades, counsel students during the course of the year, provide group guidance when needed, work in coordination with principals to prevent and resolve disciplinary issues, and finally, they manage teacher and parent referrals, along with student self-referral.


    If you have concerns that a counselor can help address, you can contact them at the email links above.