Highland East Junior High School is a two-year public school for 7th and 8th grade students and is located at 1200 SE Fourth Street in Moore, Oklahoma. The student body includes residents of South Oklahoma City as well as the city of Moore. HEJH is a feeder school for Moore High School and employs two administrators, two counselors, 49 highly qualified instructors, plus several teaching assistants and other support personnel. 

    HEJH offers a challenging curriculum plus honors courses and a variety of art and computer courses. We encourage student activities and clubs. We promote high standards for achievement, leadership, and citizenship in our student body. 

    Please feel free to call 405-735-4580, if you have any specific questions or if you would like to tour our campus. We hope you enjoy visiting our Website. 


    Principal: Mark Archer 

    Assistant Principal:  Brandi Owen


    1200 SE Fourth Street Moore, OK 73160 

    Phone: 405-735-4580 

    FAX: 405-793-3199 





    School Profile 

    Grades 7-8 

    Number of Faculty & Staff - 76 

    Number of Students - 737 

    Year Established - 1975 

    General Information:

            Size: 713

            Grades:  7-8

                   8th grade:  363
                   7th grade:  350

            Mascot:  Cougar

            Colors:  Royal Blue, White, and Red

            6 period school day, 55 minute periods, 180 days

            Number of Faculty and Staff:  72

     Grading Scale:

            A = 90-100

            B = 80-89

            C = 70-79

            D = 60-69

            F =   0-59

            NC = No Credit, due to attendance


    GPA is based on a 4.0 scale. 

    AP and Honor classes are weighted with an A=5.0, B=4.0, and C=3.0
    Pre-AP Classes Offered
    7th grade         Pre-AP Pre-Algebra (High School Credit)

                           Pre-AP English 7

                           Pre-AP Geography

                           Pre-AP Science 7


    8th grade         Pre-AP Algebra I or Pre-AP Geometry (High School Credit)

                           Pre-AP English 8

                           Pre-AP US History

                           Pre-AP Science 8
                           Computer Ed I and II (High School Credit)