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    Name:  Sue Bokemper

    Conference/Plan: 5th hour

    Email: Sue Bokemper

     All State Files
    Hour (Time) Subject Room #
    1.  7:40-8:40 Plan  601
    2.  8:45-9:40                          7th Grade Treble 601
    3. 9:45-10:50 8th grade mixed 601
    4. 11:20-12:16 lunch\lunch duty  601
    5. 12:20-1:16 8th grade mixed  601
    6.  1:21-2:16 7th grade mixed  601
    Co-Curricular Assignments:    
    Advisor to HEJH Choir Boosters    
    Coordinator Performances & Solos    
    Coordinate student performances of the National Anthem at sports events and assemblies
     Updated for 2020-21 School Year
    **Here is the link for the release form required by OU in order for students to attend an event on the OU campus;all boys attending the Young Men's Vocal Workshop on Dec. 6 must have a parent or guardian submit this on line, here is the link: http://www.ou.edu/finearts/music/choirs/ymvw/YMVW  As of August, 2020, this event is likely cancelled for the 2020-21 school year.
    Welcome to HEJH Vocal Music! I will try and keep this page updated as the year progresses. 
     Honor Choir audition practice opportunities are available for students wishing to audition for COCDA Honor Choir and OCDA JH All State Choir.  The schedule is Monday@ HEJH Choir room, 2:25-3:15; Tuesdays 7am at HEJH Choir Room and Thursdays 3:30-4:30@Moore HS Choir room.  One of the audition selections, Hold Fast To Dreams, is being taught to all students in our regular choir classes.  Music is available at Gilliam Music in Norman or Penders Music on-line.  
    **Practice tracks for JH All State--and Hold Fast To Dreams for all students--are available to practice with on Canvas!  You will need to go to Files (or click on the file icon) to access them.
    Our Choir t-shirts will be our uniform for any virtual performances held during the 1st semester, if we are able to return to an open stage format this year, our formal concert attire will be black top/black pants or skirt, or black pants/skirt and white top.  All black dresses are also acceptable. Black shoes will be used by all students.
    The reduced Choir Activity fee of $30.00 can be paid at any time either in class or through My Pay on line.
    ****Calendar of events and other information will be posted here and on the Canvas page.  Many are still changing due to Covid so I will make it available as soon as possible.
    *****HEJH Choir Boosters meet in the choir room on the day they select--will post as soon as it is finalized.
    Welcome to HEJH and the Vocal Music Program!  We are excited to have such a great group of students involved in Cougar Choir this year and look forward to a great year!  A big welcome to our  accompanist, Ms. Pauline Humphrey!  Ms. Humphrey is a retired vocal music teacher, having spent 20 years teaching at Brink JH.  Her choirs consistently received Superior ratings at OSSAA events, and many students were selected for both COCDA and OCDA All-State choirs.  We are very fortunate to have her assisting in our classroom! 
    Calendar- I will post this during September once we have a few more things finalized.
    Sue Bokemper, HEJH Vocal Music and Pauline Humphrey, HEJH Vocal Music Accompanist