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    Name: Beverly Micue Conference/Plan: 5th Hour 12:18-1:14
    Email:  beverlymicue  
    Hour (Time)
    Room #
    1st Hour        7:40-8-:40
    7th Grade Lang Arts (R)
    2nd Hour   8:45-9:41
     7th Grade Lang Arts (R)
    3rd Hour    9:46-10:42
     7th Grade Lang. Arts (R)
    4th Hour    11:12-12:13
     7th Grade Lang Arts (R)
    5th Hour    12:18-1:14
    6th Hour    1:19-2:16
     7th Grade Lang Arts (R)  
    Co-Curricular Assignments:
     NJHS Sponsor
     Wednesday afternoon Detention Teacher
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