• Welcome to Mrs. Lambert's Class

    1. 8th Grade STEM Elective       ----- 7:40a - 8:40a
    2. 7th Grade General Science    ----- 8:45a - 9:40a
    3. 7th Grade General Science    ----- 9:45a - 10:40a
      Lunch --- 10:45a - 11:10a
    4. 7th Grade General Science    ----- 11:15a - 12:10p
    5. 7th Grade Pre-AP Science     ----- 12:15p - 1:10p
    6. 7th Grade General Science    ----- 1:15p - 2:16p

Assignment Calendar Links

  • Click on the link for your class to find the MWJH Science Department Assignment Calendar.

    *NOTE:  These dates are subject to change.  Not all assignments are able to be linked as documents due to Copyright laws.


    Science Supplies 

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