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  • The Counselors at Highland West Junior High offer a variety of services to students, parents, and teachers.  Our aspiration is for all students to be successful and achieve their personal and academic goals.  We provide individual, personal, and academic counseling, conflict resolution, and group counseling when needed.  Additional duties include enrollment procedures, testing coordination, organizing Career Day activities.
    The counseling staff also attends IEP meetings and arranges parent/teacher conferences.  We work in coordination with the administrative staff to prevent and resolve disciplinary issues.  We encourage parents to call or come by for a personal visit when concerns arise involving their student.
    If there is something you feel a counselor can help address, please contact us by phone or email by clicking on the links below:
    7th Grade Counselor:     Jamie Clinesmith       (405) 735-4616
    8th Grade Counselor:     Melissa Moseley        (405) 735-4619
    Candace Ladd, LPC:       Candace Ladd            (405) 735-4614
    HWJH Registrar:             Debi Ellis                    (405) 735-4610
    HWJH Registrar Fax                                          (405) 793-1177