Welcome to Coach Teel's Page 

    Go to Westmoore website- Step 1
    click on "students" link on right side- Step 2
    Choose Pearson- Step 3
    Log into your page- use your ***@moorestudents.com as username and password is your ID#-- just like you log onto the computers at school- Step 4
    Choose OK World History 2014 edition (bottom book)  (green book)- Step 4




    Name: Conference/Plan: 9:22- 10:22 2nd Hour
    Email: Scott Teel
    Hour (Time) Subject  
    1.8:20-9:17  World History  
    2. 9:22-10:22   Plan  
    3. 10:27-11:24  World History  
    4. 11:29-12:26 ( 2nd Lunch)  World History  
    5. 1:11-:2:08   World History  
    6. 2:14- 3:11  Athletics  
    Co-Curricular Assignments:    
    Assistant Varsity Boys Track Westmoore HS    
    7th- 8th Grade Football, Brink Junior High
    Swim Coach, Westmoore High School