Welcome to the Counseling Center!


    At this current time, the best way to get in contact with a counselor is via email rather than signing up on the form below.  This will ensure we are best able to help with any questions/needs you have and will be a faster way of communication. 
    Our email addresses are listed below: 
    Jennifer Overton (CENP 10th-12th) - jenniferoverton@mooreschools.com
    Carole Carter (DHJT 10th-12th) - carolecarter@mooreschools.com
    Sheri Ellis (BILOQRU 10th-12th) - sheriellis@mooreschools.com
    Nicole Wilson (FMS 10th-12th) - nicolewilson@mooreschools.com
    Megan Haley (AGKVWXYZ 10th-12th) - meganhaley@mooreschools.com
    Kim Guenther (Freshman A-L) - kimberlyguenther@mooreschools.com
    Natalie Moore (Freshman M-Z) - nataliemoore@mooreschools.com

    20-21 Enrollment Packet Information:

    Administration is working on a plan for turning in enrollment packets for the 2020-21 school year. 

    In an effort to protect everyone, there is a possibility that packets may not be received until we return to school in August. Please be assured, your student is enrolled and will have a schedule to pick up. The counselors have entered classes for each student, most of which were a result of meeting with the student before spring break. We will adjust schedules when we return.

    We will get through this together. Everyone has the students best interest in mind while making these decisions.

    Stay safe!



    The Westmoore High School Counselors provide several services for our students.  Each counselor helps with academic advisement especially with regards to meeting requirements for graduation.  We are here to help with future plans, scholarships, and college applications.  Additionally, our counseling staff is here to help students deal with personal issues and challenges.

    All 9th grade students are assigned to two counselors, Mrs. Guenther and Ms. Moore.  After the 9th grade year, each student is assigned to a counselor according to their last name, and remain with that counselor tenth through twelfth grades.  This enables the counselor to better know and guide the student for the last three years at Westmoore.

    If you have any questions or concerns, you may call or email us at any time. 

    C E N P  Jennifer Overton  
    D H J T     Carole Carter   
    B I L O Q R U  Sheri Ellis      735-4825    
    F M S      Nicole Wilson 735-4827       
    A G K V W X Y Z  Megan Haley 735-4881   
    Freshmen A-L   Kimberly Guenther     735-4826  
    Freshman M-Z Natalie Moore 735-4829
    Career Specialist         Jennifer Peters                          
    MNTC             Natalie Crawley               364-5463      
    Form responses are only monitored during school hours. If you have an emergency, call 911.