• VISTA MAST Academy
    (Moore Alternative School and Treatment)
    Moore Youth & Family Services
    624 N.W. 5th
    Moore, Oklahoma 73160
    405-799-3379 (Fax 405-799-0912)
    Serving Students Since 1977



    The program of services includes philosophically both behavior modification and learning theory. A fundamental goal of the M.A.S.T. Program is to cause the youth to take responsibility for functioning appropriately in the community. The program is voluntary with the client signing a contract agreeing to follow specific guidelines. Each case is staffed to determine the appropriateness for the program and a decision is made whether the youth is accepted. The youth and parent/guardian are involved in the development of the treatment plan, which emphasizes the resolution of the presenting problems of the client. A primary component of the program deals with alcohol and other drug abuse issues.


    • INDIVIDUAL TREATMENT PLAN:  Each youth and their family will participate with the staff in developing realistic goals that can be achieved during their placement in the program.  These goals will determine the parameter and intensity of the youth’s involvement in program activities.
    • LARGE GROUP PROCESS:  Treatment success depends upon the youth and teachers/counselors developing a positive working relationship with high levels of trust.  Therefore, much of the day’s activities revolve around the positive confrontation necessary to facilitate positive growth and development.
    • GROUP COUNSELING:  Each youth will be involved in daily group counseling with a professional group leader.  Each session is directed toward assisting the youth in achieving their individual treatment goals.  Alcohol and drug education and counseling will be provided.
    • EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT:  Each youth’s educational history and performance will be reviewed and appropriate goals will be established to help meet the educational needs identified.  Academic credit may be awarded through the public school system for those youth eligible to be enrolled under existing law.  An Individual Service Treatment Plan and plan for graduation will be developed for each student.
    • LIFE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT:  The youth will receive training in those skills necessary for independent living.  Skills training will be delivered through formal training sessions and activities.  These will include the practical skills necessary to obtain productive employment, relate positively to peers and authority figures, and cope with the many societal institutions and systems they will be expected to contend with throughout their lifetime.
    • ART AND RECREATIONAL THERAPY:  Each youth will be involved in arts and crafts activities.  The youths’ creative expression will be channeled into both individual and group projects.  When possible, efforts will be directed towards completion of projects to improve self-concept.  Recreational activities are an important aspect of the treatment program.  Activities are designed to test the youth physically, intellectually, and emotionally.
    • INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING:  Each youth will have a primary counselor responsible for working with them as needed.
    • FAMILY COUNSELING:  It is expected that each youth’s family will be involved in the youths’ treatment plan.  The program staff will work closely with the family to determine the level of family involvement necessary to the youth and family to resolve family conflicts and allow the youth to more easily achieve their treatment goals.
    • ACCELERATED CREDITS:  The youth enrolled in MAST do not accelerate graduation. If they are successful in this program and their home school wishes to place them in a higher grade level, the public school will make that decision.



    • A ratio of two staff per 9 youth in each classroom. This provides for structure, consistency, behavior modification, and most importantly relationship building between peers and staff.
    • The program is voluntary which allows for an investment of the youth in their treatment and educational plan.
    • Individual, group, and family therapy are provided to each youth.
    • Recreational and art therapy are components.
    • Each youth works at their own pace and receives individual educational instruction.
    • Collaboration between the Moore Public School system and Moore Youth and Family Services provides for the educational and therapeutic needs of each youth.



    Referrals for M.A.S.T. are made by the parent/guardian or the youth.  When there is an opening in the program an assessment is scheduled with the youth and their parent/guardian to access information and to screen for appropriateness for the program.  Referrals from the Moore Public School District are the target population. The contact number for the M.A.S.T. Program is 799-3379.  The following are the basic criteria for the M.A.S.T. Program: 

    1. Youth ages 13 through 17.
    2. Youth who are in grades 7-12.
    3. Youth may have a history of substance use and/or abuse.
    4. Youth whose pattern of behavior exhibited within social systems is harmful and has interfered with his/her positive growth and development.
    5. Youth whose pattern of inappropriate behavior is attributed to a breakdown in family relationships and could result in repeated disobedience of directives of parents, guardians, or custodians.
    6. Youth whose verbal I.Q. exceeds 70 and/or overall I.Q. exceeds 80.
    7. Youth who have control over any assaultive behavior.
    8. Youth who are developmentally mature enough to handle group process and stimuli.
    9. Youth who reside within the Moore Public School District or are served under a legal transfer to the MPS District.
    10. Youth and family who are willing to make a commitment to family therapy.

     * All program applications originate with the counselor at your child's school.