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    The Moore Public School District creates a safe environment for all students in an atmosphere of open communication and mutual respect.  We engage students in stimulating academic challenges and in a positive social interaction so they will become contributing members of society.


    Most core subjects are available for students.  This program meets four nights a week, with five hours of instruction available each night.  Students also have the opportunity to complete individual outline and teacher driven course work.to recover credits which have been previously failed, or not taken.


    The High School Credit Recovery Program is a  night program designed for Moore juniors and seniors who are currently enrolled in day school and have an approved graduation plan but lack credit(s) to graduate on time .  Each student enrolling in this program must provide a Principal's Verification Form and a transcript which can be obtained from their High School Counselor and presented at the time of enrollment.  Due to classroom availability and class size restrictions, enrollment will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Students not enrolled for the class will be place on a waiting list, and if enough students enroll and faculty can be hired, a new class will be formed.
    * All programs applications originate with the counselor at your chils's school.
    The Dropout Recovery Program is designed for students living in the Moore School District who are in grades nine through twelve that  have been identified as "at risk students", and who are not attending day school. Each student applying to this program must submit a valid transcript, standardized test scores, a referral request form.  Each applicant considered for placement will attend an intake interview which includes testing, and a written agreement between the school, the parents/guardian, and the student.


    Classes may only be changed during the first week of school. 


    Each student will be provided textbooks which will remain in the classroom. A fee will be assessed for damaged or lost books.
    Counseling services are offered to all students in a variety of methods.  Besides individual counseling for students in crisis, the counselor meets with groups throughout the school year.  Topics covered include classroom behavior, abuse, conflict resolution, grief/crisis intervention, sexual harassment, gang education, anger managemet, procrastination, alcohol, drugs, stress and bereavement.  Students are also presented with information from outside speakers and agencies that visit the campus.

    Our Career Specialists are an extension of our counseling department. They help students establish a better idea of who they are, what they want out of life, and what careers may be a good fit for them. The process will be different for each student and is ultimately their choice – the Career Specialists are just here to assist them through their journey.

     The Career Specialists try to visit with students in a classroom setting to discuss topics that are of interest to them:

    Options after Graduation
    Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviewing
    An Introduction to OKCareerGuide
    Personality and Careers
    Managing Time and Money 
    There are a ton of resources related to College, Career, Military or Tech School on the Resources Page!

    Email your Career Specialists by clicking their name Micah Willeford or Jennifer Peters


    THERE ARE NO EXCUSED ABSENCES! Class time missed due to absences and/or tardies must be made up on the scheduled make-up days. Students cannot miss more than 10 hours of cumulative absences per semester (NO MATTER HOW MANY CLASSES YOU ARE TAKING, YOU CAN ONLY HAVE A TOTAL OF 10 HOURS ABSENCES). Three (3) tardies equal one (1) hour absence and will be counted in assessing hourly fees for make-up time. A tardy is defined as being late to class from 4:00 to 4:10. Arrival to class after 4:10 is considered and recorded as one-hour (1) absence.

    Absentees shall not exceed 10 hours per semester.


    Students are expected to behave responsibly and maturely. Failure to maintain proper conduct may result in dismissal from the program. Rules of discipline stated in the High School Student Handbook must be observed. All rules of conduct signed by each student will be strictly enforced. Conduct inappropriate to the program/classroom will result in immediate removal from the program (see the senior high handbook for example.) 

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